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This program allows you to display events (detection of unknown signals and/or signals exceeding threshold line) on the remote computer. I_RemoteCheck user interface shows a premises plan of the controlled site.

User interface has conditional icons which display the status of the remote radio monitoring hardware/software complex. (e.g. No frequency range scanning, Scan the frequency range is performed, Alarm, size of the circle is proportional to the signal level (power in picowatt)).

I_RemoteCheck logs and displays the events as for all controlled hardware/software radio monitoring complexes and for each complex and channel separately.

Program is used for 24-hour remote control of stationary hardware/software radio monitoring complexes.

The program is most effective in cases where simultaneous control of multiple hardware/software radio monitoring complexes is required.

Single channel version is free and available for download.

I_RemoteCheck program is designed to work with RadioInspectorRC and RadioInspectorRT.

I_RemoteCheck program should be installed on the computer which is connected by LAN to other remote computers with RadioInspectorRC (RadioInspectorRT) version 6.4.1 and above is running.

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