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RadioInspectorRC performs the basic functions of radio monitoring and measurement of VHF-UHF-SHF radio frequency signals for “civilian” radio monitoring tasks which require metrologically correct measurement results.

1. Frequency range (F1-F2) analysis;

2. Fixed discrete frequency (F1, F2, F3….Fn) analysis;

3. Analysis of discrete signal spectrum;

4. IQ data digital signal analysis;

5. Signal parameter measurements;

6. Detections of signals that exceed an operator-set signal strength amplitude threshold, establishing a list of detected signals; performing predefined analysis operations for signals that exceed the threshold;

7. Operation with a user-provided database of authorized signals, analysis results, analyzing radiating devices and interface ;

8. Digital signal processing (vector analysis) and signal analysis of  DECT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, TETRA, DRM, DMR; analogue TV signals;

9. Storing and loading tasks and frequency range scans (panoramas scans);

10. Integration with a GPS receiver and a geographic information system (MapInfo);

11. Launching tasks in manual or automatic mode;


RadioInspectorRC works with measuring instruments that are connected to a computer via the I_MasterDevice program (I_MasterDevice can run on the same computer where RadioInspectorRC is running). The program is capable of defining a ‘measuring path’ including measuring instrument, antennas and transmission lines, their calibration (loss/gain) data. The measuring circuit determines the measurement accuracy.



DTest option (Digital Test)

RС-SA option (SA – Spectrum Analyzer direct control window)

RС-Meas option (Meas – Measurement)

RС-Gео option

RC-Lan option

RC-SoundScanner option

RC-Scanner option

RC-DB option

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