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About Faktum-IT 

Faktum-IT offers solutions for performing the following tasks:

  • design of software and software-and-hardware systems for automated measurement of HF signals and fields for a wide range of tasks on the basis of measuring equipment of leading world manufacturers and special measuring equipment;

  • measurement of radio and radio engineering parameters of signals and emissions;

  • long-term radio monitoring and analysis of radio spectrum for determination of occupancy and for its efficient use;

  • search for sources of radio interference;

  • long-term and periodic analysis of quality of on-air communication channels;

  • performance of full-scale tests in the field of electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means and HF devices;

  • performance of full-scale tests for determining real radio coverage zones and service areas for transmitters of radio and television broadcasting.

If you have any questions regarding software development, improvements or signals acquisition please use our contact form.

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