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RadioInspectorRP contains a complete comprehensive suite of tools enabling analysis and investigation of the entire RF spectrum or individual signal events.

RadioInspectorRP automatically saves all spectrum scan data efficiently and in digital format to an integrity protected database.RadioInspectorRP also performs an additional data integrity check each time a saved data file is opened for review and post analysis, ensuring the most accurate and precise results.

RadioInpsectorRP enables playback of entire spectrum scans or sweeps from beginning to end including all spectrograms (2D and 3D waterfalls) for unprecedented post analysis capability. The colour configurable 3D waterfall display helps immensely in the simplification of this task, as do the multiple markers and cursors that can be placed upon captured signal events to facilitate the rich and accurate metrological analysis of RF signal envelope parameters using the RadioInspectorRP precision signal analysis tools.

Saved data files can be played back in real time or operated selected time, fast or slow, forward and reverse and any signal event or events can be analyzed. The operator can also playback multiple saved data files from any time, date or location simultaneously for full comparative post analysis capability.

RadioInspector RP enables the TSCM, SIGINT, or spectrum monitoring operator too accurately and with precision, review non continuous, periodic or ‘burst’ RF spectrum events and not only facilitate the capturing and analysis of the ‘burst’ transmission, but also facilitate, with time-stamps, the relationships between the command and control ‘on-off’ signal that initiates the burst.

RadioInspectorRP performs time, frequency, spectral power density information, bandwidth and periodicity analysis of previously recorded signals. Such analysis provides precise information to the technical operator and arms him with the tools to make an accurate assessment of individual spectrum events as well as linkages between events in the spectrum including transmission time pattern recognition.

Events can be correlated by frequency for 1st to 7th harmonic content analysis, verifying all possible harmonics using RadioInspectorRP’s advanced analysis algorithm. Analysis can also be performed to detect intermodulation from the 1st to the 7th order for any detected signal event.

RadioInspectorRP supports the optional geographic information system for advanced mapping and drive-by test analysis along with the advanced database for metrological measurement support.


RP-Geo option

RP-DB option

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