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IQ_Process program is designed for professionals who work with radio signal analysis, recorded in the form of a quadrature (IQ). Typically, the IQ recording is performed in a much wider bandwidth than it is necessary for the analysis of individual signal. The reasons for this usually are:

  • a receiver that records the IQ, has a number of fixed frequency bands for IQ recording. Users have to select a frequency band to record the IQ from an available list, and often the selected band is much wider than the necessary frequency band;

  • usually the user selects a wider bandwidth for recording in order to include a number of signals cut, stored in a file and analyzed individually.


IQ_Process program has been developed to cut out individual signals from a wide frequency band (from a variety of other signals). In addition, the program provides wide possibilities for expert visual analysis of IQ data in the time and spectral fields and in the form of a scatter plot in the complex plane (constellation diagram).

The IQ_Process program is designed to:

  1. Display recorded IQ data (IQ, signal amplitude and the signal phase, display signal in the form of a scatter plot in the complex plane (Constellation Diagram) (not synchronized with the symbol rate).

  2. Display recorded IQ data signals in the spectrum (specified length, starting at the point specified by the user with the cursor).

  3. Digital shift of source IQ data (digital shift) at a predetermined frequency.

  4. Filtering source IQ data using pre-defined or user-defined filters (calculated in the program).

  5. Decimates original IQ data to a predetermined sampling frequency.

  6. Saving processed IQ data.


The functionality of the program

  • Analyze source IQ data in time and spectral domains;

  • select and save a separate IQ signal recorded together with other signals using wide band IQ data.



  • Source IQ – wav file format;

  • source IQ data may be recorded in 16-bit format Integer or 32 bits Float;

  • no restriction to maximum amount of data in the file.

  • the maximum amount of data to display is 80.000.000 IQ pairs. If the file contains a greater number of IQ pairs, only the first 80,000,000 IQ pairs are being used for analysis starting with a user-specified position in file;

  • efficient initial IQ pairs processing of limited length can be applied to the entire IQ file which can be longer than 80.000.000 IQ pairs;

  • the data is not calibrated for the amplitude axis.

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